I’m Back!

I’m back in the USA.  It’s really weird.  Everything seems strange but distantly familiar.  There are things that I notice now that I never noticed before.  I am glad to be back for now, but I am already starting to miss things about London.  I can’t believe I spent six months there.  It all kind of seems like a dream now.  But I know I will never forget my experiences and everything I learned there.

Thanks for reading, -Paige

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A few days ago I took a day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born and died.  I first went to Shakespeare’s birthplace, where he was born in 1564.  They wouldn’t let us take pictures, but I got some of the outside.

GEDC1541 GEDC1542 GEDC1543

I then went to Thomas Nash’s house, who married Shakespeare’s granddaughter.  Beside Nash’s house is where Shakespeare lived from 1597 until his death in 1616, but that house was pulled down.  You could still see it’s grounds and garden though.

GEDC1547 GEDC1554 GEDC1555

And finally, I went to Hall’s Croft where Shakespeare’s eldest daughter lived wither her husband who was a medical genius. Hall’s Croft also had beautiful gardens behind it.

GEDC1563 GEDC1564 GEDC1566

I also visited the church where Shakespeare was buried and some of the theaters and Shakspeare Company sights.  It was a nice, quaint town.  Then again, every town starts to seem like a nice, quaint town once you’ve spent enough time in London.

I fly home tomorrow! -Paige

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Science Museum and V&A Museum

I have been in London for 6 months without seeing the Science Museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum.  They are close to each other so I did them both in the same day.  The Science Museum had some neat stuff in it but there were kids everywhere and the museum was kind of set up for kids so that was annoying.  One of the most interesting things was this Toyota i-unit car designed in Japan.  It was part of their display celebrating 100 years of plastic.  It uses uses plant-based materials instead of oil-based plastics and metals.  It hardly looks like a car:


The Victoria and Albert Museum was better than I thought it was going to be. It is a museum of decorative arts and design.  It had an amazing building.  I especially liked the section on theater and performance.  In the section on clothing designs and history, I was by far the most underdressed person there.  I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt while everyone around me was in the latest styles.  It also had a lot of art and art history.  It was huge.  It had a whole section on metal art (which brought me back to my welding days) and a whole section on silver, etc.

GEDC1458 GEDC1480 GEDC1482

I then went on a quick walk around hyde park and Kensington Gardens which were near by.

GEDC1517 GEDC1518 GEDC1520


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Royal Observatory

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I have moved into summer housing and it doesn’t have internet but every once in a while, I’ll walk to the library.  Most people have left and so I’m relaxing and trying to enjoy my last few days in London.

A few days ago, I went the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.  It was pretty cool.  They had a huge telescope and a museum on astronomy and outer space.  I also walked around the park.  It is so much prettier than it was in the winter.  I also saw that the olympics building has come a long way since I last saw it in the winter.  It is the big white round building in the far right picture:

GEDC1413 GEDC1428 GEDC1411

I’ve actually been going to a lot of parks in London now that the weather is better.

Cheers, Paige

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The Moon The Moon

Last night, our London Theatre class went to see our last play.  It was a really good one to leave on too.  It was called The Moon The Moon.  It was put on by Unlimited Theatre Company in the Southwark Playhouse which is right under the London Bridge train station.  Every once in a while, a train would rumble over us which I thought actually ended up adding to the effect rather than taking away from it.  I liked it.  It had good music and an interesting feeling to it.  But it was a really weird play.  I’m still trying to figure out what it all meant.  But they had a discussion period afterwards and they said something they noticed about London audiences was their need to figure it out immediately rather than just enjoying the play and going with the flow.  They have put the play on in a few different cities around the UK.  In the discussion they mostly talked about what it was like to write and put on the play.  Three of them wrote it collaboratively.  It was really interesting learning how it all came together.

I am going to miss all the interesting plays we get to see through this London Theatre class.  I’ve learned a lot.  -Paige

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The Globe

   On Sunday, I went to Shakespear’s Globe Theatre to watch Romeo and Juliet.   The Globe is set up to be as much as possible like the Globe where Shakespeare’s plays were performed.  They based it off printed panoramas and written accounts and even references in Shakespeare’s plays of the original Globe.

     GEDC1397   GEDC1396   GEDC1398

   I got the £5 peasant tickets where you have to stand in front of the stage.  It was one of the only hot days in London and it wasn’t that fun to stand for the three hour play but it was cool being that close to the actors and the tickets are really cheap.  I might go back and see another Shakespeare play there before I leave.

Parting is such sweet sorrow,  Paige

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I saw the Queen!

      So today, all of England celebrated the Queen’s birthday.  It’s not actually her birthday, it’s just her official birthday- a random Saturday in June.  There was a big parade and the Queen, Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Prince Harry, some other famous people, and a ton of guards passed by.  I managed to slip in a picture of the queen with my crappy camera:

            GEDC1361                     GEDC1362

Another cool thing was the mounted band.  Everyone played their instrument while riding a horse.  I thought it was pretty impressive:

            GEDC1357                     GEDC1358

   After the parade, we went to the Hampton Court Palace.  It is where Henry the VII and then Henry VIII and all his wives lived and where his first son, Edward was born.  It wasn’t the coolest palace I’ve seen but it was a gorgeous day so the gardens were really pretty.  Unfortunately, my batteries in my crappy camera died half way through the gardens.  We also saw the longest grape vine in the world.  It was planted in 1768 and still produces lots of grapes which they sell in late August.

GEDC1370  GEDC1382  GEDC1386

Thanks for stopping by, Paige

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Aunt Dan and Lemon

     The Royal Court Theatre is showing plays written by Wallace Shawn– the guy who keeps saying “Inconceivable!” in Princess Bride.  Wednesday night, our class went to see Aunt Dan and Lemon.  It was great!  One of my favorites.  I don’t know if anything could beat Shun-kin but it is definitely up there with Woman in Mind.  The directing was great, the acting was great, and most of all, it was a really interesting play.  It was kind of controversial, making some bold statements and I didn’t agree with everything but it made you think.  I had no idea the idiot short guy in Princess Bride was such a good writer.


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Natural History Museum 2

  Yesterday I went back to the Natural History Museum.  It’s a huge museum so there was plenty that I hadn’t seen before.  I spent a long time on this exhibit about deep sea fish like that one in Finding Nemo with the light coming off its head trying to eat them.  There were some really freaky looking ones: 

     GEDC1304      GEDC1310      

     GEDC1311      GEDC1317

The weirdest one though was called a deep-sea anglerfish.  The male anglerfish is a lot smaller and looks totally different than the female.  The coolest part is the way they reproduce: the male fish bites and latches on to a female.  His body slowly fuses with hers and then he fertilizes her.  In this picture, the male has fused with the female’s head:


   I left the museum to come home, but there are huge tube strikes going on in London right now so it ended up taking over two hours, which caused me to miss the one and only class I have every week- London Theatre.  Luckily, I met up with some classmates waiting for the bus while I was sprinting to class wondering if there was any way I could catch my teacher to get a ticket.  They told me he was going to hand out tickets at the theatre so I joined them and got there in time.  I am glad I did too because the play we saw last night was one of my favorites ever.  But I will wright about that later.

Bye for now, Paige

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     The days are getting longer and longer here.  It is still always cold and rainy a lot but at least it is not dark at 4:00 in the afternoon.  Last night, I was out playing “football”(soccer) while the sun set until 10:30 at night and the sky was completely covered in clouds.  It was awesome.  And the sun rises at around 4 in the morning.  Now, if only it would stop raining and warm up a little…

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